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How Discord Came to Be</h1>
Discord ever when you consider that he made his first. appearance in the season 2 most efficient. discord has been the subject of much. speculation he is simply thiis giant secret. begging to be solved what's he how did. he turn out to be and if there is one thing. that is steady through some of these. theories made about him it's that we. do not certainly know good except they get. disproven like the good ol starswirl. equals discord concept you recognize the single. where famous person swirl the bearded. by accident turned himself into discord. for long time visitors you know I. defended thiis theory till a sour conclusion I. might have loved for discord to be the. results of some magic test gone. incorrect but perhaps he still possibly what. if star swirl did not come to be discord yet. rather created in discord like. Frankenstein's monster a skilled. sorcerer such as himself is guaranteed to.
Have made some mistakes there's an. obvious attract thiis theory it additionally . suits in properly with my head ken in that. celebrity swirl invented the alicorn by means of. combining magic from all three tribes. after the fulfillment of that it in simple terms makes. feel that he'd take it to the subsequent. logical step combining magic from. exclusive species of course this. do not have gone well would as well. unlike any other thought this one is. nonetheless possible yet as exciting as that idea. is it doesn't make a lot experience from a. timeline angle discord did not. input the scene until the royal sisters. as well as the tree of harmony were all. absolutely grown. that is discord first familiar appearance in. the timeline now stars' world's last. visual appeal within the timeline earlier than. vanishing to Limbo changed into when the tree of. concord had just been planted we all know. the sisters have been a lot shorter on the.
discord role assignment bot of creating happened. between superstar swirls final visual appeal and. discord first that seems to disconnect. discord from big name swirl altogether. you may say that Starks role created. discord earlier than limbo but that asks more. questions than it solutions if that's the. case in which turned into discord during the period. between his construction and his conquering. of Equestria how did big name swirl deal. with him why did not it last too many. details unaccounted for just for him to. were the results of stars whirls. experimentations discord timeline before. this factor if he has one is totally. unknown so every element we upload before. this can be a new assumption that is why i am. hesitant to enroll in that theory so. let's discuss a new one a fresh. idea in accordance with the most recent episodes. that is been gaining some traction.
This one poses that at the middle of dis. courts starting place story is not famous person swirl. the bearded yet someone who may well be. just as historic if not older and that individual. is gros gar although he looks all. yet forgotten by using contemporary ponies gros gar. is notorious one of the villains Sombra. revering him as the first emperor of. Equestria the father of monsters. watching this episode the subsequent line that. grog our spoke blew my intellect I gave life. to the foul list of creatures and. allowed them to run wild taking what. they wanted in destroying the rest my. reign became an excellent fierce oKed epoch. of darkness in Equestria as I heard. these words i could consider the excitement. increasing as the connection started forming. in my head whilst he's describing his. reign of monsters we see 3 distinct. creatures become a single horrifying . amalgamation almost all the monsters.

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