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Catching a Discord Mod Predat0r</h1>

So today i was contacted through a fifteen year. historic lady named cherry who mandatory a. little assist she messaged me i actually. need help i've a brilliant creepy 45 yr. ancient guy harassing me and i am only 15.. he is a moderator of an anime discord. server me and my buddies are in and he. keeps asking me for bizarre images and. he pronounced that if i ship them to him he. will make me a moderator then she pronounced. here are the various messages he despatched me. he is really scaring me so if you may. assist me it would suggest the world i'm a. massive fan i took a inspect a number of the. messages and they are just disgusting. this guy's one among the biggest creeps. i have ever seen and i answered returned hiya. don't fret i'll assist i created a duplicate. of your discord account inform me you made. a brand new account and to feature you on it if he. asked inform him it's on another gadget so.
He messaged her hello it is me sheldon i'm. a moderator of the anime server just. letting you know you sent a meme in the. wrong channel it's meant to be in. hashtag memes now not the hashtag trendy. channel very well bro you don't need to. be any such worrying about it yet she. replied i am sorry i am going to delete it and he. responded naughty naughty girl do not. reduce to rubble lower back or i will have got to punish you. winky face. what a what a weirdo after which she suggested. i am sorry and he responded it's ok i'm able to. make a confined manage you if you're. interested and she or he stated what sort of. deal and he replied now i've certainly not. performed this with anybody before but when you. desire some power around here i may paintings. whatever out and get you a mod roll and. she suggested oh really that could be cool. i'm not sure if i would be healthy for the. function although and he suggested don't be concerned i.

Can train you all moderators ought to. send images of themselves to me so i. can show their identity though you're. a woman correct and she mentioned yeah i am and. i am uncertain i feel comfortable with. that because that does look a touch. bizarre like he is attempting to get some . pictures out of her after which he. responded why not what is wrong with. sending a picture not asking for. anything else me and the other. moderators share a large number of fascinating. images with each other winky face we. do not mind no longer keeping it nsfw if you. be aware of what i suggest ah this guy's so bizarre. and she responded uh i am only 15. no way. i could ship anything like that and he. suggested oh come on age would not topic. anymore these days don't you ever see. video clips about 70 year ancient guys courting 16. year historic girls i imply i visit overseas. countries forever where the legal.
Age is lower than that if you recognize what. i mean oh this guy is so messed in the. head like what is he talking about and. she answered how old are you and he. mentioned forty five still rather young i guard. myself i'm sure you will like me toddler forty five. what this man simply seems like a dumb. boomer very well bro o.k.. and she spoke back 45. you're acting so weird i am only 15. what. you said isn't typical and he reported. you'll recognise if you are my age. female winky face now do you want mod or. now not all i want is a pair pictures. let's simply begin with a picture of your. face and now i have manage over account. these are the last messages they despatched to. one another i am gonna try to get a few. data out of this guy so what i am. gonna be doing is i am gonna send a. picture now the link is gonna secretly. be an ip tracking link with this i can.
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