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How to Host a Discord Bot 24/7 on Electronic Ocean ($100 in loose credit)
hi there everybody alex here from. and iin this video i'm going to show you. methods to host your discord bots on. digitalocean. this is how i personally host my discord. bots because i find it to be the foremost. person friendly. notwithstanding you do need to pay five dollars. a month with a view to use their service. but the hyperlink within the pinned comments and. a hyperlink in the description. is a referral hyperlink which will offer 100. in loose credit score which should be used inside. six months. so you can cross ahead and use that to try. this out and get started worst case. scenario. you simply get six months of web hosting for. unfastened and genuine rapid earlier than we begin. if you're doing help with whatever then. be happy to ask in the worn off. keys discord server. with a gaggle of folk joining every day. as you'll find here. once you've joined you could scroll down.
To how to make a discord bot and ask your. questions within there. and iif you do need help growing. discord bots you can also ask in the. javascript channel. so with that reported let's get started. you're going to desire to create an. account with digitalocean. utilizing the hyperlink in the pin remark or in. the outline. this will give you a hundred of credit that. you must use within the first 60 days. after you've long past forward and created an. account you must see a web page similar to. this one. will you have a create button right here if it. appears extraordinary because they could. change their user interface in the. future you essentially just want to try out. and give you the option to create a droplet. a droplet is basically going to be its. own cloud server as the outline. specifies right here. so clicking on this will provide us the. configuration innovations we have to.
correctly create this. so once you're right here you're. immediately selected to be on the forty. a month choice you do not need that you. just want the 5 a month alternative so make. sure which you click here. also in order to follow the exact. educational and you want to select centos. this could instantly choose the. most up-to-date version but ensure you are. chosen in the drop down here. when you are aware of linux then believe. free to select working method. you want but i will be selecting centos for. this academic. we can then scroll down and you want to. choose a area ordinarily this would be. the closest to your area yet i am. going to choose a manhattan server. and scrolling down added we will then. prefer to use ssh keys or passwords. if you are accustomed to linux and ssh. keys then be at liberty to click that.
notwithstanding if you are new to linux and also you. have not certainly hosted whatever before. then we will retain matters simple. and just use a straightforward password. in the future i'm going to be freeing. a video on how to have the most simple. standard security practices enabled. withiin your linux vps. and so i'll be linking that at the end. correct of the display screen now once that video. is out. so if you're considering the fact that be happy to. investigate that video afterwards. and that'll make your genuine server that. you are web hosting your bot off of only a. little bit safer. to make certain nothing bad occurs yet. just remember to enter in a root. password that is very safe some thing i. like doing is utilizing a password generator. such as lastpass. or whatever comparable to that so here i'm. using lastpass to generate a password. i'm going to be utilizing a 50 man or woman.

lengthy password that has. uppercase lowercase numbers and symbols. so i'm able to cross forward and click the replica . icon here. and th

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