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Python: making a Discord bot (Part 8: Bot Status)

Hello men welcome to facet 8 of my making. a discord bot in Python YouTube sequence. during this video we'll be going. over how to change one of these gambling. repute of our bot it will be very. short it is rather actually one line of. code you could split it up into multiple. lines of code and i probably suggest. you accomplish that simply to have somewhat more. clarity and especially if you are going. to I guess have plenty you'll see you will. see how to create it after which you could. style of decide that allows you to cut up it. up into numerous traces more usually than. not I leave it on one line simply because. it is not too tricky but when you actually. must you could o.k. so let's get. correct into that i'm going to be putting. it in my own all set function just so that. while the bot becomes all set the repute. has converted. all right that's just after I desire the.
popularity to be converted for the sake of. this video yet you can genuinely positioned it. anywhere all right so the strategy the. client technique that we will use. is a wait client dot change presence. make sure you spell that correct and make. sure you've the parentheses there now. there are kind of things well I. believe there is a 1 element it is a afk. but we are not likely to head over that during. this video study during the. documentation if you want an entire. description of how to use change. presence but there are variety of two main. matters inside this method that we want. to control for the sake of adjusting. the manner the bot is displayed within the . server in order you will find as we speak it's. offline or as for me i am on-line and not. gambling whatever correct i am gonna exhibit. you the way to alter those things for. your yet during this video let's begin with.
stream bot discord could so the reputation. goes to be it will be this. little online side right here so my. repute right now is simply online and. because I'm lively on discord like I'm. clicking matters and i am online. that is simply what online ability and the. manner we are able to difference that for our bot is. within the parentheses right here we are able to say. fame is the same as after which we have to. give it a status and iif you leaf through. the documentation you can find each of the. extraordinary reputation strategies that you have. subsequently I was pondering that sin. the profile picture of the YouTube bot. is a yellow I would elect the idle. status in order that it suits and sure so the. way we do that's we are saying status is equal. to discord dot reputation status is. capitalized. idle o.k. and which will truly. set the fame within the block to idle while.
That line is run and the subsequent factor and. possibly the most aspect that you'll want. to change while developing you your difference. offers line or your difference presence. while you want to change the boss repute. the main issue you're going to want to. change is the endeavor which is. basically the game that shows up or in. this case it might not be a video game it. would surely be text that's what we are. going to do for the sake of this video. so the undertaking goes to be set to a. video game or a video game item and how we do. that is we are saying discord dot video game in which. online game is capitalized and parentheses at. the top and within the parentheses right here. we are going to deliver it a string. containing the call of

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