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Intro to Webhooks - real Time App Automation (Discord Bot, Slack, GitHub)
good day every person it's caleb welcome in this. video we're going to talk about. whatever new to this channel and that. is cyber web hooks now internet hooks are. aspect of a larger examine of genuine time. application development so in english. basically. we want to enhance communique among. program and permit apps to talk over with one. another. and try this in an automated manner to be able to. illustrate. what internet hooks can do i have this. discord server. open and this is just like a chat room. if you have not ever used discord it is also. resembling. slack if you're familiar with slack and. it is notably small server there's just me. yet you'll discover i got this little crown. right here so you recognize i am incredibly famous. in this server anyways i have this. terminal over here. and that i desire to sort in a message together with. whats up world and once I hit enter. it pops up over right here during this discord.
discord giveaway bot see i am so. unfamiliar with this chord i needed to. imagine what this turned into called. so anyways this is an instance of what. information superhighway hooks can do. so in preference to a old style manner of. programming. in which this discord channel would. truly. ask hey are there any new messages to. display and iit would retain asking this. time and again. well it is going to turn this round and. now our program over right here is simply. going to. notify discord whenever there. is a brand new message so it is genuine time. and iit's aautomated we do not have to do. anything. from this app to this app behind the. scenes what is taking place is this app. goes to send the info to. discord and discord is instantly. going to process. that data so that allows you to see a little. bit more. of ways thiis works behind the scenes it is. correctly certainly simple so.
Here are my strains of code and. this is acting because the server in this. condition. so we are doing something on our. application. and we're going to replace the customer. which for this reason would be discord so. discord is watching for a few data. and we'll send that data. to this url. here it is in python and that i. essentially have began reading this. subject of internet hooks. as i have been creating my new python. path. so i simply proposal i'd throw that out. there guys when you are interested in that. i am going to go away a hyperlink for you guys in the. description. so that's being built right this moment yet you. can join your email. and get any updates on that yet anyhow. basically we'll notify discord. of any. messages that are given during this input. so when you look back to this you recognize. it seems form of cool like if you have.
by no means seen. how a discord bot works you know it's. purely like. what number strains of code six lines of code. and we are able to. essentially bounce during this discord as a bot. and type whatever we'd like over here now. during this setup. our app we have over this is enormously. vain. however you may think replacing this. app right here. with something a little extra intricate. as an instance. github you may connect github to discord. and also it doesn't always should be. going to discord. you can attach those purposes to. various things. besides as long as you've portions. you should use. web i forgot what they were called. so long as you have two significant pieces. the server. and the client you can use cyber web hooks. however it's no longer always that easy. due to the fact. the server isn't whatever you mostly. have entry to. so in this example we are fortunate due to the fact.
we're filling that position. of the server here we are developing an. app that is sending messages. to the customer that's listening during this. case discord. however that isn't always the case

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